The Nizamia Hyderabad Women’s Association Trust, endowed from the mainstream of H.E.H the Nizam’s Charitable Trust was founded in 1968 to promote the education of women and increase their participation in the social and economic life of the community. Social security measures for the women are in the tradition of Hyderabad. By paying special attention to education and service for women a new land mark has been established which is a recognition that in the present milieu, partnership of women in public life is essential for progress & development.

The objectives of the trust are wide and manifold, purported to provide education and welfare services for women. While considering educational opportunities for women, the founders intended to equip them with skills which would improve their economic status. At the same time there is a recognition that the key to social and economic advancement lies in exposing the women to progressive trends thus enabling them with the know-how and self confidence to improve their standards of living.

To fulfill these long-term goals, PRINCESS ESIN WOMEN’S EDUCATIONAL CENTRE was established in 1973 to serve the educational needs of women at all levels. It was decided to make a beginning, with the organization of employment-oriented training programmes for them.

In the choice of courses that are offered, care is taken to determine that in the immediate future, there would be scope for employment of the trained personnel.

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